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Some personal e-commerce experience will make small and medi

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Said his own personal experience, had done two Taobao double crown stores before, the first is for people to do, count as operating, no work pressure, accumulation of certain work experience. The next Taobao Crown Store is made by itself. It is made only by more than half a year. It is a business clerk, and it is a salesperson. It participates in online customer service and participates in the packager. At the end of the 13th, I opened my first Tmall. I still do business myself. I am a salesman. I am participating in online customer service. I am a self-employed packager. It is not easy to ask someone to do part-time accidents. Tmall is all alone, and the actual operation of the little Tmall is like this, no way. As a result, the first Tmall died, died after 3 or 6 months, died in product quality, died in supply chain management, died in after-sales service, and died in various reasons.

After turning off the first Tmall, I sold the company and rested for a month. This month, my family’s various summaries are not only chilling, but more self-confident. Because of Taobao to Tmall, 3 The shops are all my own hands-on operation. The through train has been done twice a day. Every day, 20,000 people have burned it. Every day, I have done it once a day.
In the past 14 years, I opened the second Tmall, or any of my own, after all, Assets Co., Ltd., in addition to the online customer service is a must, the other can be their own top on their own top, after any smooth, slowly add WeChat friends. At this stage, the company's 6 online customer service, plus 3 packs of big sisters, usually operate their own, and go out to order, 1 year out, Tmall is also stable.
Over the past year, I have also been a medium-sized shop buyer for Tmall, and there are many people who touched it. Many types, and their communication, junior high school came to certain items, but a lot of them were seen. Many small businesses in Tmall Taobao have no help but tears.
"Taobao is not doing very well, and is going to do study and training."
1丶 Learning and training. The first chaos that I should say is learning and training. This is the big chaos I have seen in a year. I don't know if there will be a few of my posts. If the people I see are full, it may endanger the rights of some people who rely on learning and training, but I must say that some people are too shameless. I have talked with many very good colleagues in the same industry. The same point of view of everyone is that "Taobao is not doing very well, and they are all doing learning and training." I was invited because I signed up for some study trainings across the country. After listening to it, I felt that I was super nice. I was learning and training. It’s hard to say that I’m brainstorming in a pyramid scheme. I’m worth a few hundred yuan for a class, expensive. Thousands of thousands. In this kind of whispered master training lecturer spit on the table, saying that his shop has sold millions of dollars in one year, I am, you have a total of one million sales in one year, there is time to study and train here, your business is busy coming back. ? I have more than 20 million in one year. I am still struggling with the company's 10 people. I really don't have time to send a post. If I go home at night, I will be sleepy. Do you have millions of dollars a year and study training all over the country?
There are also such masters who are doing the Taobao several crown stores in the Golden Crown store for 10 years or so. Please come to the old predecessors, which time there are several Taobao, how much is the direct bidding, how much is the market competition, you What time did you take the glory of the time to say something? Needless to say, 15 years, 13 years and 14 years, give you a 0 basic store to let you 10,000 pieces of venture capital you can do?
There are also training schools, such as XX E-Commerce, XX Organization, to find some CEOs of large enterprises or the operation of e-commerce with millions of millions of companies each year to conduct special lectures. I don’t know if the goods made by such big companies are related to people’s bags of trousers and boots, which are half-dollar. Is it a category? These millions of billions of companies operate, I would like to ask if your operation is that you are a person to do, how much money you invested in a year, there are several behind you to help you, you dare say that you can be alone for 1 year The store guarantees the scale of this business. I think that this kind of confessed operation is not very powerful. The most powerful thing is that the elite team behind them is powerful, and the assets behind it are powerful.
Everyone needs to know that no one will tell him about his work experience. Taobao does not rely on study and training to learn to train. Everyone is listening and listening. Several people rely on learning and training to make the store work. And can it be a steady development trend for one year?
My opinion is that beginners do not have to follow the trend and firmly believe in learning and training, and firmly believe in the folk masters who have said nothing. The vast majority of training schools and their folk masters are all aimed at swindling money.
2丶 Operations. Some business stores can't do it, so they are looking for operations. My opinion is that when you are not very rich, not a company, you don't have to look for an operation, you will be able to succumb to a small temple like yours, and you will never be a folk master. If a folk master wants to go to a big business with a million annual salary, he has already done his own shop. What's more, if the goods are not enough, the others will not be able to do anything except to open Ma Yun's father. Operation, operation, today's fitness exercise to this store, which store to go to tomorrow's fitness exercise, this month's turnover of 3,000 pieces, next month's turnover of 5,000 pieces, see if you can meet a lot of pens and businesses.
3丶Training skills and its third-party platform service provider. The through train is just a small drainage method gadget. It doesn't need the myths and legends to pass through the train. These are the examples of the straight-through car, and whether it is a fake, or a classic case of his own, he is not successful in every instance. It must be successful for you, but his success cannot be copied in your hands. Generally speaking, everyone has their own good-natured categories, and that kind of touting themselves are good at all kinds of categories.
Direct train third-party platform. When you are not very rich, it is best not to train a third-party platform, burn you hundreds of thousands every day, and within a few days I also actively turn off the through train, they are not easy to let you refund.
The good and bad of the through train, in addition to the necessary methods and work experience, most of the requirements for accompanying your goods, and their market prices, the same goods, who is free to do the same is the same as the actual effect. Before I did a through train, everyone still had to look at whether their own goods were competitive. This competitive ability is not what he said. It is best to ask more questions and see more about the industry. One is selling so well, and a few are selling very well, that is good.
By the way, the through train is amazing? 100 pieces per day, the most savvy operator's ability to work. 10,000 pieces a day, do it at will.
4 丶 brush single. In the past, my work experience was absolutely unnecessary to brush the list. After talking with some merchants for a period of time, the summary is that the brush list needs to look at the category, some category sheets are undoubtedly arrested, some categories must be brushed, and I will also The default setting is your brush. Generally speaking, the sales volume is generally low, and the goods with high price are moderately brushed and the two singles are praised five times. It is not easy to be arrested, and the actual effect is very good.
These are the latest news brushing methods, not easy to be arrested by the single machine, hehehe, everyone understands. Then it will brush, it is not easy to brush a golden crown out, isn't it better than your daily sad reminder to make a few hundred dollars?
5丶 Third-party platform payment theme activities. It is very much which of these membership fees cost a few thousand dollars a year, and then change the direction of the bill, waiting for you to be deceived, Taobao has already monitord this website. Can not go up, it is very easy to be arrested.
Asleep, write so much today, there are many chaos, when there is time to write, it is estimated that you will wait for your New Year or 2019. I have to order a lot of things, and I have to go to the autumn.
In other words, if a small business is not eager to make money, it is better to gradually accumulate work experience, because I am not easy to slowly do it myself. You don't have to follow the wind and believe in the work experience of others. Many work experiences are also not practical activities.
If you want to open a Taobao store, you must rely on commodities, or rely on assets, or rely on work experience to slowly come. Not so many folk masters, folk masters will be screaming at the little sister happy, how can we have time to care about this kind of hanging wire? With millions of millions of dollars in income in one year, there will be time to teach you to open a Taobao store and teach you how to make a fortune? Will you change if you change?

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